Skin Care

Our center, which stands out among places that provide skin care, accepts patient satisfaction as its first priority. Combining modern medical approaches with innovative technology and years of experience, Deniz Erkan helps his patients regain their health and desired appearance with effective diagnosis and treatment services. If you are looking for places that provide the best skin care, you can contact dermatog Deniz Erkan Clinic and get detailed information. Skin care is a service that offers different treatment options to protect skin health and solve skin problems. Many beauty centers and clinics offer skin care services. These services include various treatments such as facial cleansing, deep cleansing, moisturizing, peeling, massage, skin toning and acne treatment. Skin care experts recommend appropriate treatment options based on your skin type and needs. The quality of the products used during skin care is important for the health of your skin. Therefore, beauty centers and clinics in Turkey use quality and reliable skin care products. Skin care services are suitable for anyone who cares about skin health. However, people with skin problems are recommended to consult a dermatologist first. The dermatologist diagnoses your skin problem and recommends appropriate treatment methods for you. As a result, Turkey skin care services offer different treatment options that everyone who cares about skin health can benefit from. However, if you have skin problems, it is recommended that you first consult a dermatologist and follow his recommendations. If you want to receive skin care and dermatologist treatment in Turkey, you must first determine your skin problem and needs, then choose a suitable clinic or beauty center and meet with specialist doctors. You can get detailed information about Türkiye skin care campaigns by calling our clinic.

Skin Care

There are many medical skin care centers in Turkey. These centers offer skin care and treatments performed by dermatologists or expert estheticians.

Türkiye medical skin care includes special treatments for skin problems. For example, treatments for problems such as acne, blemishes, wrinkles and skin tone differences are offered in medical skin care centers.

At medical skin care centers in Turkey, a treatment plan is usually created specifically for your skin type and needs. These treatments can be performed with methods such as special devices, lasers or chemical peeling.

Turkey skin care centers are not only dedicated to treating skin problems, but can also help with the overall health and rejuvenation of the skin.

What is Medical Skin Care in Türkiye?

Our skin; It can be negatively affected by environmental factors, biological elements and drugs. Medical skin care is a set of procedures performed to heal problematic skin and restore its former health. In this context, various methods are used to purify the skin. The treatments applied allow the pores to open and tighten. Skin care is performed by Turkish dermatologist Deniz Erkan.

Skin cleansed from dead layers looks more vibrant, bright, lively and fit. It starts to get more oxygen. This allows the cells to restructure. The resulting lymph drainage allows the elimination of toxins. In addition, the skin now becomes more resistant to environmental factors.

Why is Professional Skin Care Important?

Home treatments are often insufficient to purify the skin and treat existing problems. However, in professional care, an effective solution is provided by using products suitable for the skin type. In this context, some advantages of medical skin care can be listed as follows:

  • Black spots and oil glands are removed.
  • The blockage in the pores is removed.
  • Problems such as oiling and drying are eliminated. The oil level of the skin is controlled.
  • The need for make-up is reduced.
  • The skin is restored.
  • Superficial spots and lines are eliminated.
  • Skin tone is balanced.
  • Firming and moisturizing effects are achieved.

How to Do Türkiye Skin Care?

Which treatment will be applied depends on the person's skin structure and the problems he or she is experiencing. Accordingly, Turkish skin care doctor Deniz Erkan decides on the most appropriate method and dermacosmetic product types with a patient-specific understanding.

Chemical skin care applications, which generally last 1 or 1.5 hours, consist of the following stages:

  • First, the person's skin analysis is performed. This scan makes it possible to determine the patient's skin needs.
  • In the first step, the skin is cleaned of oil, dirt and make-up residues. This ensures that the skin is ready for the peeling process.
  • Then it's time to peel the skin with the help of herbal dermocosmetic products. Meanwhile, dead cells on the skin are removed.
  • Then, by applying a steam bath, the pores are expanded and the skin softens.
  • Black spots are removed.
  • The skin is thoroughly disinfected.
  • In the final stage, a moisturizing and nourishing mask is applied to the skin.

Of course, medical skin care treatment in Türkiye is not limited to these. It is also possible to apply different procedures according to the needs of the skin. For example, some of the serums can be injected subcutaneously. Additionally, help can be taken from additional devices for tightening.
It is generally recommended that the application interval be every 25 days at the earliest and every 35 days at the latest. During this process, attention should be paid to daily skin care.

Are There Side Effects of Skin Care?

It is normal to experience slight redness after the sessions. Sometimes edema formation is observed. However, these are temporary effects and no symptoms that will reduce the quality of life are encountered.

Things to Consider After Skin Care:

In order to get effective results from the treatment, the following points should be taken into consideration:

  • The use of foundation, face powder or blush should be avoided on the same or the next day.
  • After the treatment, the skin will be vulnerable for a while. Therefore, it should not be exposed to the sun.
  • Skin health should be protected and attention should be paid to its cleanliness.
  • You should avoid using any other skin product other than the doctor's recommendation.

You can end your search for skin care experts in Turkey with Deniz Erkan and achieve the perfect look of your dreams with safe and effective treatment. Prioritizing patient comfort and expectations, Turkey's professional skin care specialist Deniz Erkan will respond to your needs with advanced technology and up-to-date methods.

Turkey skin doctors offer treatments for a variety of skin problems such as skin cancer, acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, vitiligo, fungal infections, allergic skin reactions and other skin diseases.

Türkiye skin doctors also provide consultancy services on skin care. It applies the right skin care products and routines according to your skin type and needs.