Gold Needle Treatment

Turkey gold needle treatment is a treatment method used to reduce skin wrinkles, improve skin tone, increase skin elasticity and generally improve skin health. This treatment method is performed by inserting thin gold needles into the skin and applying them to the tissues under the skin. Our clinic, which stands out among the places where golden needle treatment is performed in Turkey, accepts patient satisfaction as its first priority. In our clinic, which provides service with certified devices, sterile materials and the most advanced equipment, all diagnosis and treatment methods are carried out in accordance with modern medicine. You can come to our Turkey golden needle treatment center and have a preliminary examination by our dermatologist specialist doctors. Turkey golden needle treatment is a method used in the treatment of some rheumatological diseases. In this method, gold is injected under the skin using a gold needle. Gold helps reduce the symptoms of rheumatological diseases by having a suppressive effect on the immune system. Turkey gold needle treatment is used especially in the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. However, this treatment method can only be used in certain situations and for certain patients. It is especially preferred when other treatment options fail and the disease is severe.

Gold Needle Treatment

In gold needle treatment, gold needles activate the natural renewal process of the skin and rejuvenate the skin by increasing collagen production. Additionally, applying gold needles to the skin helps the skin look firmer and brighter.

Turkey Gold Needle Treatment is an effective method to reduce skin wrinkles, acne scars, blemishes, pigmentation problems, skin tone differences and acne. This treatment method is generally suitable for people aged 30 and over.

The advantages of Turkey Gold Needle Treatment include being minimally invasive, rapid recovery after the procedure, not requiring anesthesia, long-term results and rejuvenation of the skin. However, slight swelling may occur after treatment. These swellings will disappear in a short time.

Golden Needle treatment is an effective solution for many skin problems, especially blemishes and wrinkles. This technology, which allows you to achieve a young and lively appearance, is made with FRF (fractional radio frequency radio waves). You can make an appointment by calling our clinic for Turkey dermatology specialist Deniz Erkan's skin treatments.

What is Gold Needle Treatment?

Golden Needle is a method that directly targets the subcutaneous area without affecting the skin surface; It makes the skin look tight and shiny. This method, which is applied without any wounds or incisions, offers the opportunity for facial rejuvenation without surgery. It is extremely comfortable as no pain or ache is felt during the treatment.

It eliminates deformations that occur due to environmental factors or due to aging. It minimizes wrinkles and blemishes. It helps the skin gain resistance, vitality and smoothness.

Turkey Gold Needle treatment, which is performed in sessions, can be applied both on the face and on different parts of the body. Since it does not require surgical interventions, the treatment process is short. Swelling, severe redness, scarring and similar situations are not encountered.

In Which Situations Is Turkey Gold Needle Treatment Performed?

This method, which plays an active role in the treatment of various skin defects, has a wide range of uses. Some of them can be listed as follows:

  • Elimination of signs of aging,
  • Elimination of stretch marks that occur due to pregnancy or weight gain and loss,
  • Wound and burn scars,
  • cracks,
  • Correcting the appearance of décolleté, chin and neck area,
  • Eliminate fine wrinkles,
  • Healing acne and the scars it leaves behind,
  • Sagging and loss of form,
  • Pore tightening,
  • Bruises around the eyes,
  • Skin blemishes.

How is Golden Needle Treatment Done?

During the procedure, high energy is sent to the lower layers of the skin. In this way, it is possible for these layers to be damaged in a controlled manner. The treatment in question also has the effect of stimulating natural collagen. In this way, skin problems are improved and the skin regeneration process is supported.

On the other hand, the needles used during the Golden Needle application prevent the dissipation of energy. Thus, the skin surface is not damaged and there is no energy loss.

Our clinic, which is one of the first addresses in the field of Golden Needle treatment in Turkey, follows the following steps when applying this treatment:

  • The area where the procedure will be performed is cleaned.
  • Local anesthetic creams are applied to minimize the feeling of pain.
  • A short period of time is waited for the cream to take effect, and then the process begins.
  • With the help of gold needle tips and fractional radio frequency device, very high frequency radio waves are delivered under the skin. In this way, destruction is created in a controlled manner.
  • The process continues for approximately 35-40 minutes.
  • After the application, the patient can immediately return to his daily life and go to work the next day. However, after the procedure, the skin must be protected from sunlight. Therefore, sunscreen creams with a high protection factor should be used. The treatment will show its effect upon completion of the first session, and the repair process that begins under the skin will continue for a while. For this reason, the results will become more evident day by day.
  • Sessions must be repeated at intervals recommended by the physician.

If you want to have a more beautiful and healthy skin, choose Dr. among Turkey Golden Needle treatment doctors. You can use Deniz Erkan. Thus, you can improve your quality of life by regaining your former beauty and health.