Lip filler

Dermatologist Deniz Erkan, who has managed to stand out among the doctors performing lip filler treatments in Turkey, owes this to his patient-oriented approach and outstanding achievements. Deniz Erkan, who cares about your beauty and health as much as you do, does everything necessary in accordance with modern medicine. As you know, our lips are one of the most noticeable parts of our face. While some people have naturally full lips, others can achieve this look with some aesthetic procedures. Turkey lip filler is a cosmetic procedure used to eliminate volume loss in the lip area, plump the lips and clarify lip lines. This procedure is usually done by injecting fillers such as hyaluronic acid into the lips. Turkey lip filler procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia and the procedure time is approximately 30 minutes. The filler is injected into the lips using a thin needle and the increase in fullness and volume is immediately noticeable. After the procedure, slight edema, swelling or bruising may occur, but this usually disappears within a few days. Lip filler results usually last for 6-12 months, and the duration of the results depends on the filler used, the amount of filler and the application area. Adana lip filler may be a suitable option for many people, but each patient is different and each has different needs. Therefore, it is important to consult a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to determine the most appropriate treatment option for you. Additionally, you should be informed about all the risks and possible complications of lip fillers before the procedure. Among the clinics that perform lip filling in Adana, Specialist. Dr. Deniz Erkan performs lip filler treatment at the dermatology clinic. You can call our clinic to get information about Adana lip filler prices. Successful results have been obtained for those who have had lip fillers in Adana, in line with the practices in our clinic. There are many clinics and aesthetic centers in Adana that provide lip filler treatments. Lip filling is a method used to eliminate problems such as volume loss, asymmetry, fine lines and deformities of the lips.

Lip filler

There are many clinics and aesthetic centers in Turkey that provide lip filler treatments. Lip filling is a method used to eliminate problems such as volume loss, asymmetry, fine lines and deformities of the lips.

Turkey lip filler is generally performed using filling materials such as hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is preferred as a filling material because it is a substance naturally found in the body. This material is injected into the lips, making the lips look fuller, firmer and younger.

Lip filler treatment should be performed by a specialist aesthetic doctor or dermatologist. Before treatment, your doctor will conduct a consultation to determine your lip structure and needs. During treatment, local anesthesia or topical anesthetic creams are used.

Lip filler is the choice of those who want to have attractive lips, as a practical and safe application. Lip filling procedures are performed by Turkey dermatologist Deniz Erkan.

What is Turkey Lip Filler?

Lip plumping, a non-surgical procedure, is a painless method. It does not provide a permanent effect and is repeatable.

This procedure, which clarifies the lip boundaries, makes it possible for the lips to become fuller and gain a symmetrical appearance. The procedure is performed with the help of fillers containing hyaluronic acid.

While lips that have gained volume make the person feel more self-confident and happy, they also greatly improve their aesthetic appearance. In this way, it is possible for the person to look younger and his smile becomes more beautiful.

What are the Advantages of Lip Fillers?

If the above information is to be summarized, the advantages of lip fillers can be listed as follows:

  • Lips are enlarged to the desired size and given a fuller structure.
  • A more harmonious posture is achieved by correcting asymmetries.
  • Lips that gain volume get rid of the dryness problem. An increase in moisture is observed and signs of aging are reduced.
  • On the other hand, since the lips also have an effect on voice output, plumping contributes to a better level of speech.
  • Lips become brighter and more vibrant.
  • There are no side effects such as bruising, pain and bleeding after the procedure.
  • No bandages or stitches are applied after the application. It is a comfortable, short-term procedure.
  • It shows its effect immediately.

In what cases is lip filler performed?

Due to aging, volume and moisture loss occurs in the lips. Problems such as thinning and wrinkles occur. In this case, lip filler treatment offers an effective solution and gives the person a cosmetic appearance.

How is Turkey Lip Filling Done?

Before this procedure, the patient's lip anatomy is examined and an application plan is drawn up accordingly. Taking into account the doctor's recommendations and the patient's demands, it is decided which areas will be filled.

In this regard, dermatologist Deniz Erkan Turkey summarizes the stages of lip filling as follows:

  • First of all, local anesthetic cream is applied to ensure numbness. This prevents the patient from feeling pain and soreness.
  • Then, using a fine-tipped needle, the filler is injected under the skin of the lip.
  • The process takes a short time. There is no need for a surgical procedure.
  • The ratio of the filling material to be used is determined according to the desired thickness of the lip.

After the application, the patient can return to his daily life. It does not require home rest or hospitalization. However, this situation may change if different procedures are performed along with the filling.

How Permanent Is Lip Filling?

The effect of dermal fillers used during application disappears over time. Because these are absorbed by the body. Therefore, it does not promise lifelong permanence.

How long the filler will stay on the lips; It varies depending on the amount and type of material. At the same time, the moisture content and structure of the lips are other factors that affect this. In addition to all these, nothing clear can be said because the absorption rate of the filler will not be the same in everyone. However, it is possible to state that the permanence period may extend up to 1 year.

What are the Prices of Lip Fillers?

Pricing varies depending on which filler and how much will be used during the process. Additionally, whether different treatments will be applied along with this procedure also affects the prices.

You can easily make an appointment now to get detailed information and learn about lip filler price options in Turkey.